Endless Night

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Endless Night by Anna Andrews.pdf

Uploaded : 2018/06/21 

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Descriptions : h i font Now I have a choice to make between family loyalty and an alluring stranger between darkness and the light font i h br At only seventeen years of age Ellaria crown princess of Voxhan has lost everything she s ever known br br After her home planet is destroyed by invading forces the orphaned heiress is sent to live with Titan commander of the famed Haruvian Knights and the estranged son of Ellaria s late stepmother the queen Titan s home is Haru the Sunless Planet a world of endless night lit only by stars and the strange glow of its native bioluminescent plants br br As romance blooms between Ellaria and Titan Titan teaches Ellaria the history of Haru and of the Haruvian Knights who seek to protect their planet from the treacherous Daiha Warlocks whose dark magic stripped the sun of its power and plunged all of Haru into darkness generations ago br br When Ellaria and Titan are separated in the forest one day by an attacking darkstalker Ellaria having succumbed to the monster s noxious breath awakens to find herself in the care of a young man named Rory whom she soon learns is himself a dreaded Daiha Warlockone of the last and their prince by birthright br br As she comes to know Rory and his mentor Gan Lock Ellaria learns that all is not as it seems on the planet Haru There s to the story of the missing sun than meets the eyeand good and evil light and darkness are not as clear cut as they first appeared Ellaria soon finds herself falling for the handsome warlock princeand learns that she herself may share the connection to the flow of life that fuels his mystical abilities br br Caught between her affections for both Titan and Rory Ellaria finds herself at the center of an ancient war and as violent tempers and the thirst for vengeance rage on both sides she will be forced to make a choicebetween the bold knight who s sworn to protect her at all costs and the powerful mystic who may hold the key to Ellaria s own secret power a destined prince who might aid her in restoring the kingdom she lost br br font h i NOVELLA words i h font hr h CATEGORIES Sci Fi Romance Books for Young Adults Science Fiction Fantasy Books for Young Adults Space Opera Romance Action Adventure Romance Supernatural Romance YA Teen Romance Clean Sweet Romance Love Triangle Romance HEA Romance h h h

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