Autism: Potty Training, How to Teach Autistic Children Hygiene Skills (Autism Spectrum Disorders, ASD Books)

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Autism: Potty Training, How to Teach Autistic Children Hygiene Skills (Autism Spectrum Disorders, ASD Books) by Claire Hope.pdf

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Descriptions : h Autism Spectrum Disorders Teaching Healthy Hygiene Habits To Autistic Children h br br Being able to effectively guide the development of your autistic child requires a significant amount of work and the parenting journey starts with a solid foundation of knowledge regarding the condition From here you can employ different strategies that work for your family and your child It is our hope that this book can provide you with the information that you need to guide your child in learning hygiene such as toilet training brushing their teeth bathing and cleanliness br br The author writes in such a way that you wont be wasting your time sifting through a bunch of useless content You are going to get straightforward helpful tips to help you teach your special needs son or daughter how to potty train and stay clean br br h A Few Things From the Book Potty Training Kids With Autism or Aspergers Syndrome h br Toilet training can be particularly difficult to handle so its important that parents are able to develop a consistent system of teaching appropriate bathroom habits to children with autism spectrum disorders ASD br br b Here are things that you need to do b br Teach your child a phrase that will help you and your family know when they need to go to the bathroom Ensure that your family uses the same phrase and make sure that your child consistently uses these words to communicate their bathroom need You may want to teach them a gesture to accompany this phrase to make the communication process easier br br Assess the problems your child is having What do you think poses the greatest challenge for your child What does he or she seem most uncomfortable with br br Move all grooming routines to the bathroom specifically move diapering and cleaning to the bathroom in order to help them associate these behaviors with the toilet br br Clear the bathroom out temporarily and remove toiletries that they wont use Remember your child may become overwhelmed with seeing too many things all at once so one of your goals is to first acquaint them with things they will personally use For example clear your bathroom of makeup lotions hampers etc in order to make toilet training easier br br br h More From The Book Learning How to Have Healthy Hygiene Habits For Autistic Kids h br Children with ASD are often unable to grasp the idea of keeping clean and why its important in the first place Therefore it isnt uncommon for children with ASD to resist bathing or showering They might also take a bath excessively only for the love of water without really cleaning themselves appropriately br br Since children with ASD are unable to understand the connection between cleanliness and avoiding illnesses its your job to teach them to follow routines that incorporate the maintenance of good hygiene br br b After Reading This Book You Will Be Able To Effectively Teach Your Child To b br ul li Stay on a set hygiene schedule li li Go to bathroom in the toilet li li Wash themselves in a shower or bath li li Brush their teeth li li Floss their teeth li li Wash their hands and when li li Stay clean throughout the day li li Be able to communicate their routine li ul br br Teaching your child with Autism to maintain their own hygiene may be difficult but know that giving your child the skills they need is not impossible With the techniques discussed above you can effectively guide your child in becoming healthy and independent individuals br br b As you can see this book will give you all you need to effectively help your child with Autism or Aspergers develop to their full potential b br br br br br br br br br Tags autism spectrum disordersotty trainingarenting an autistic child asperger s syndrome guide for parents and teachers toilet training a special needs child autism br

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