Adolf Hitler: My Part in his Downfall (Milligan Memoirs)

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Adolf Hitler: My Part in his Downfall (Milligan Memoirs) by Spike Milligan.pdf

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Descriptions : p Spike Milligan s legendary war memoirs are a hilarious and subversive first hand account of the Second World War as well as a fascinating portrait of the formative years of this towering comic genius most famous as writer and star of The Goon Show They have sold over million copies since they first appeared The most irreverent hilarious book about the war that I have ever read i Sunday Express i Brilliant verbal pyrotechnics throwaway lines and marvelous anecdotes i Daily Mail i Desperately funny vivid vulgar i Sunday Times i br i At Victoria station the R T O gave me a travel warrant a white feather and a picture of Hitler marked This is your enemy I searched every compartment but he wasn t on the train i In this the first of Spike Milligan s uproarious recollections of life in the army our hero takes us from the outbreak of war in it must have been something we said through his attempts to avoid enlistment time for my appendicitis I thought and his gunner training in Bexhill There was one drawback No ammunition to the landing at Algiers in I closed my eyes and faced the sun I fell down a hatchway Filled with bathosathos and gales of ribald laughter this is a barely sane helping of military goonery and superlative Milliganese br That absolutely glorious way of looking at things differently A great man Stephen Fry Milligan is the Great God to all of us John Cleese The Godfather of Alternative Comedy Eddie Izzard Manifestly a genius a comic surrealist genius and had no equal Terry Wogan A totally original comedy writer Michael Palin Close in stature to Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear in his command of the profound art of nonsense i Guardian i br Spike Milligan was one of the greatest and most influential comedians of the twentieth century Born in India in he served in the Royal Artillery during WWII in North Africa and Italy At the end of the war he forged a career as a jazz musician sketch show writer and performer before joining forces with Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe to form the legendary Goon Show Until his death in he had success as on stage and screen and as the author of over eighty books of fiction memoiroetrylays cartoons and children s stories

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