Letters To a Mixed Race Son

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Letters To a Mixed Race Son by Frank E. Robinson Jr..pdf

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Descriptions : p In a world that continues to grapple with notions of race a loving father writes a series of letters that speak into the life of his biracial son In the books foreword Bishop Charles Blake introduces us to Frank Robinson and these Letters To a Mixed Race Son In Frank Robinson was a young minister serving in southern Alabama when word got out that he was engaged It would be an interracial marriage which quickly became a local controversy both scandalous and dangerous This marriage was announced not long after a lynching in one of the neighboring areas For safety their first child was born across the state line Frank began to understand that if he did not survive his wife would be left a widow and his son without a father With this in mind he began to write letters that would survive in a book He intended to say the things a father should say and to equip his son to live a meaningful life Further even when this son was so young the letters were written as to a man so that when the boy became a man he could have this book This father writes about identity character and the timeless responsibility of men and fathers He speaks of courage as one faces life hardship and injustice He tells his son of perseverance humility and faith of how to deal with disappointment criticism and so much These letters were written over years and through seasons of difficulty The author reminds his son to never forget what struggle is like These are love letters and wisdom writingsowerfulrofound and infused with a sense of eternity and mortality of hope and purpose There is a moment of humor and insight when the little boy came home from kindergarten and earnestly asked Is someone in our family white Responded to in the affirmative he demanded Who is it This book tells of a unique and interesting journey The mixed race son has grown up is now married a new father and a military officer who serves his country during a time of war In about twenty five years after the project started Frank Robinson gave the hand written original book of letters to his son who has already begun to write letters to his own child The author has read a few of these letters to some scarred and damaged people He found the words he wrote to his own son were medicating to the sons and daughters of others Further these letters may help the reader to see the world a little differently and possibly to find a better self This work is heartfelt moving and refreshing ultimately a rich deep and encouraging piece of literature

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