My Son (A Journey) (Volume 1)

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My Son (A Journey) (Volume 1) by Mr Francis J.D. Hyland.pdf

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Descriptions : My Son A Journey is based on a true story Set in Ghana England Zimbabwe Northern Cyprus El Salvador and the USA it follows the lives of Xavier Lewis and his father Albert as they journey through life It is a fascinating engrossing and at times a heart rending tale of discovery My Son A Journey is a tale of a British boy born and raised in Ghana and his search for the freedom he believes he has now lost as an adult As he loses his way along the path of life he fights with the anger he feels inside towards his parents for taking him away from the utopian existance in which he was raised As his own son grows he begins to realize that the freedom had always been there that he had wasted a great portion of his life in the pursuit of the treasure that he had been unable to see was right in front of him Francis J D Hylands first book is utterly compelling and multi layered the work speaks of the life of a White boy being raised in a black country where his parents as expatriate educators enjoy the life of privilege offered throughout the former British Colonies to educators from England The boys dilemma surfaces when his parents return with him to England where he realizes that they are just ordinary decent hard working professionals living normal lives like everyone else without the servants and nannies and dinner parties for the exclusive few and other trappings of privilege The boy finds his altered reality hard to deal with as the More e posture he had developed even as a young boy was one of superiority to his black African playmates and friends not withstanding the fact that his own half brother is of mixed race He then withdraws into himself which starts the downward spiral into the abyss of self destruction Hyland is an excellent storyteller who has a compelling facility with language The way he crafts his story and paints his images one is taken on a sensual journey you can smell see and hear the experiences he describes His story though very sad ends with self discovery as his own son grows up and he feels the father son bond which existed with his own father but which he failed to see in his own life What a delight it is to know that Hyland has found writing as a means of self expression and we hope redemption

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