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Descriptions : b Antitrust Examples Explanations b is designed to be accessible to students with no background in economics but also sophisticated enough for advanced courses on anti trust law Author b Christopher Sagers brovides straightforward introductions to the principles of antitrust law and uses the proven effective b Examples Explanations bedagogy to illustrate the practical applications of the principles described under each topic b Antitrust a timely and succinct study guide features b ul li b a two pronged approach to describing the economics of antitrust law b li li an intuitive non quantitative introduction followed by li li traditional and quantitative economic analysis li li b a consistent emphasis on real world business transactions b for example the book gives extensive accessible background material to put things like mergers and acquisitions marketing and product distribution into real world context li li b comprehensive coverage b li ul li the Sherman and Clayton Acts li li the Robinson Patman Act li li merger review under the Hart Scott Rodino Act li lirocedural and institutional complexities of antitrust law li li antitrust law vis a vis innovation and intellectual property li li the scope of antitrust law including comprehensive coverage of the many antitrust immunities and exemptions li ul li b systematic organization b from the most general to the most specific li li b advanced topics b such as oligopoly theory monopolistic competition and product distribution li ul

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